Ilusiones ópticas for Windows 10


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Can our senses deceive us? Next you'll be able to see a series of visual illusions that are not what they seem. We've gathered the most surprising optical illusions in order to trick your senses.
Every information that we receive comes to us through an external stimuli, which we perceive thanks to our sensory system (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell).
After having filtered the information with our senses, it's processed and modified by our brain in order to be understood and stored with symbols and language, in the case of humans.
We understand by optical illusion any visual illusion that makes us perceive the reality wrongly. They can have a psychological character related to the effects of an excessive eye, brain (shine, color, bedazzlement after looking at a bright light) or cognitive stimulation, which interferes in our knowledge of the world.
Therefore, each optical illusion is a mistake. A mistake that we create in our brain because we want or must interpret the reality in a certain way.
It's said that understanding visual illusion helps to comprehend the limitations of human sight and the distortion we apply. So let's see what you think about these amusing pictures that we've prepared.
Download Optical Illusions for free and marvel at these curious and amusing images. Have fun with this app! Your friends will be astonished!
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